Florida Watercolor Paintings 

   Next Workshop - Attend Roy's workshop on Saturday January 28th, 2017 in Pine Island Florida. Contact Linda Selleck at the St James Civic Center or the Order Of The Golden Brush for more details.

                        St James Civic Association    3300 4th St., St James city, Fl

                                    239 283-9337 or 239 283-5203




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       Artist's Comments On Roy John Fuller's Method Of "Watercolor Painting:

 Frank Webb - "Roy Fuller's watercolor works exude a freshness born of great speed. This fleetness of touch can only be made when the painter's mark is sure and with a conviction of the shape to be made with a minimum of adjustments."

 Sterling Edwards - "Roy's work is very nice...loose, fresh, and clean!"

 Leslie Ruth - "Your work is wonderful and "refreshing". You capture the true essence of the medium."

 Judy Champion - ".....Very impressive!"

 Ron Bigony - "Really like your watercolors, the colors are so pure and transparent."

 William Maurer  -  “Good extemporaneous use of color and wet technique…..” 

Lynda Simonetti - "Love the Colors! Great work. I have always drawn and oil painted and never thought I would like watercolor because to me it is not a controllable medium. I was wrong :) I LOVE watercolor because it IS uncontrollable and I can just ‘let it go’."

   “Roy is an amazing person, teacher and artist. I really enjoyed his class and learned a lot. I love his painting style. Roy has a lot of knowledge and therefore has a lot to teach. I would love to be able to take more of his classes, especially the week long one. I was impressed by how much I learned in the 4 hr class.” Claire A. Wiley, Senior Designer Walt Disney Imagineering Orlando