"The Jungle" by Roy John Fuller 

           * Member Of The Florida Watercolor Society & The American Watercolor Society  
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Roy John Fuller is the Featured Artist for the month of January 2018 at the Harbour View Gallery located 5789 Cape Harbour Drive #104. Cape Coral, FL, 33914. There will be an artist reception from 6-8 pm on January 9th, 2018. Everyone is invited to stop by and say hello. Below are some of Roy's watercolor paintings that will be on display at the Gallery during the month of January 2018.


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       Roy John Fuller, a.k.a. "The Big Brush Man". The Florida Pine Island Eagle newspaper used this term when reporting on one of Roy's watercolor workshops in St James, Fl. The term "Big Brush Man" was appropriate so Roy stayed with it.

    "The best way to create loose, transparent and luminous watercolor paintings is to paint quickly with the biggest brush possible, use the fewest number of brush strokes and use lots of water." Roy John Fuller

                            The Big Brush Man's Watercolor Techniques

 Roy creates his watercolors using the basic principles and elements of design in art. Principles such alternation, balance, contrast, dominanceharmony, unity, gradation. Elements such as color, line, action or direction, shape, size, texture and value. Using pattern groups, perspective, variety composition, value sketches and symbols will help you paint better looking and more interesting watercolors. Visit Roy's: Principles Of Art Design & Elements Of Art Design.

  WORKSHOPS:  Roy currently offers workshops in Florida, South & North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Costa Rica. 

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   The design elements and principles apply to all art mediums such as oils, acrylics, pencil, pastels, and mixed mediums.

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 Artist's Comments On Roy Fuller's Method Of "Watercolor Painting:


       “Roy is an amazing teacher and artist. I really enjoyed his class and learned a lot. I love his painting style. Roy has a lot of knowledge and therefore has a lot to teach. I would love to be able to take more of his classes, especially the week long one. I was impressed by how much I learned in one day. Claire A. Wiley, Senior Designer Walt Disney Imagineering Orlando  


 Frank Webb - "Roy Fuller's watercolor works exude a freshness born of great speed. This fleetness of touch can only be made when the painter's mark is sure and with a conviction of the shape to be made with a minimum of adjustments."

 Sterling Edwards - "Roy's work is very nice...loose, fresh, and clean!"

 Leslie Ruth - "Your work is wonderful and "refreshing". You capture the true essence of the medium."

 Judy Champion - ".....Very impressive!"

 Ron Bigony - "Really like your watercolors, the colors are so pure and transparent."

 William Maurer  -  “Good extemporaneous use of color and wet technique…..” 

Lynda Simonetti - "Love the Colors! Great work. I have always drawn and oil painted and never thought I would like watercolors because to me it is not a controllable medium. I was wrong :) I LOVE watercolor because it IS uncontrollable and I can just ‘let it go’."



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