FREE Science Fiction Short Stories From Science Fiction Writer Roy John Fuller

"Alien Archeologistby Roy John Fuller  -  Join Earth's first science expeditions to deep space to explore an undiscovered world. . This is the first time either of the crew members have visited this new land, or is it?  

  (c) Copyrighted 2009 by Roy John Fuller   


   "Maldor Prime - New Eden" by Roy John Fuller - Visit another fictional world where settler's have ventured to find an escape from everything they dislike about the Earth. They discover something far beyond anything they imagined on this desolate world. But is it too late for planet Earth? 

   (c) Copyrighted 2009 by Roy John Fuller 


"Thez, Earth’s Galactic Protector" by Roy John Fuller - Earth is not the only planet in the Galaxy with intelligent live. There are countless other world in various stages of development from primitive to super advanced. One such super advanced alien race has been assigned as Guardians, the protectors of Earth from other super alien races that would destroy all humans on Earth as we would kill out an infestation of roaches or rats in our homes.

(c) Copyrighted 2014 by Roy John Fuller


   "Outpost Seven" by Roy John Fuller - Burt and Alex are maintenance men for Earth's most remote observation outpost on Pluto. A terrible storm threatens the outpost and their lives. Get ready for an exciting adventure in a distant world.

 (c) Copyrighted 2017 by Roy John Fuller


    Roy John Fuller is a avid science fiction reader and endeavors to stay updated on all the latest news from NASA and Science research into Astronomy, Physics, and the Cosmos in general. Roy is a retired electronics engineer and has worked as a field engineer, Director of Biomedical Engineering for several hospitals and as an account sales executive for one of the largest medical equipment manufacturers in the world. Roy is a Navy Vietnam Veteran, fisherman and avid tennis player.