Science Fiction Short Stories


   "Thez, Earth's Galactic Protector"
 Roy John Fuller


     My name is Thez and I’m only one of a now countless number of Patrol Protectors in the Galactic Protector Alliance (GPA). It was during Earth’s NASA and SETI agency years that earth made its terrible mistake. Projects such as the Voyagers sent into deep space broadcasting Earth’s existence and location coordinates opened the Pandora’s box they would live to regret. An alien races with depleting planetary resources perceived Earth as a quick fix to salvage their own self induced environmental catastrophes. An alien race known as the Mora Tong suddenly appeared out of the earth’s heavens one day and caught the Earth’s inhabitants and it’s military by total surprise. Utilizing the philosophy that a well planned ambush is more productive than a drawn out politically negotiated outcome, the Mora Tong unleash massive devastation on the planet Earth and its people. The invasion would be known as the 30 Minute War. That’s how long it took for the Mora Tong to crush the resistance and take control of the Earth. Fear and confusion ran rampant among the surviving people. The Mora Tong never communicated any intentions nor made any demands. They simply took what they wanted and mined all the mineral treasures including draining the precious liquid water. Mankind is helpless against the Mora Tong. It was theorized by the GPA that the Earth’s ancient people may have been attacked by the Mora Tong on at least one if not more occasions in Earth’s past. Earth scientists often refer to the ruins as the lost civilizations of Earth.. There is a lot of evidence aliens have visited the earth several times during Earth‘s ancient history including the ancient Mayans, the Egyptians, Bolivia’s Puma Punku, the pyramids in Egypt and the Moai stone heads of Easter Island.

     The Mora Tong is an ancient civilization that managed to prosper and advance in technologies for thousand’s of years unlike Earth’s history of self inflicted wars, global climate changes and random asteroid impacts that eradicated existing intelligent life. The Mora Tong have technologies not even imagined by Earth scientist or even Earth’s most futuristic science fiction writers. The Mora Tong would view mankind as a local infestation as the earth’s inhabitants would view a colony of ants or bees. The Mora Tong have no remorse at exterminating civilizations and stealing their resources.

     Fortunately for Earth there are other benevolent Alien races that has been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years and have intervened on occasions to help ensure mankind’s development and continued survival. These races, collectively make up the Galactic Protector Alliance (GPA). The GPA has implemented safeguards on earth and other Galactic worlds designed to alert them in the event of hostile alien invasions on any of the worlds under the protector‘s observations. .

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     The Alien Protectors are members of a much larger galactic organization called the Galactic Protector Alliance. As planets with intelligent life emerge and become recognized by the galactic community they are assigned a galactic protector to help them deal with interplanetary wars and dangerous technology discoveries that could destroy their worlds if not properly managed.

     My assignment is the Galactic Protector for Beta Rejent 2137, the third planet in the solar system called Jargo Pentor, also known as the Earth by it‘s local inhabitants.

   The Alien Factor

     Kyle woke up this morning just as he had in the past mornings with sleepy eyes and a slight hangover from the previous night of over indulgence and excessive drinking. There had been little motivation for him to do much else with the current state of the United States economy, the double digit un-employment rate and the hyper inflation that constantly dominated the local TV. His world seemed hopeless and the prospect of ever getting a nice paying job with a loaded pension was just a common fantasy in these troubled times shared by most if not all of his fellow graduating classmates. Kyle had graduated with honors from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering but would most likely end up working in a fast food restaurant to pay his overdue rent, student loans and support his new drinking habit. He wasn’t sure if the liquor helped him cope with everything but at least it helped him stop thinking about it and getting some sleep. Kyle had long blond hair tied behind his petite head in a long flowing ponytail. He was a tall lad, about six foot two inches and consider attractive by all the young women at school. He had really enjoyed his years in school and was a magnet for knowledge. As he was dressing himself with his old faded blue jeans and faded white tee shirt he heard his cell phone barking out his custom dog ringer he had uploaded recently.

     “Hello this is Kyle Werner?” Kyle answers in a professional manner in case the call is from a potential employer since the incoming call was imprinted as an unknown number on the LCD of his Pantech flip cell phone. He had sent out numerous resumes the week before hoping to land a job.

     “Kyle, this is Julie from Amteck International. We received your resume this week and have been reviewing it for a possible position in our engineering research department. We would like a follow up meeting to interview you for a recent job opening. Would you be available to meet with us tomorrow morning at 9am to discuss the job requirements?”

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     “Yes, that works for me and I really appreciate this opportunity.” Kyle studied his words carefully before replying as this almost sounded to good to be true.

     “Great!” Julie replied. “We’ll see you in the morning.” and the phone went silent.

     Kyle did not recognize Amteck as one of the companies he had sent his resume to but it could have been a referral from one of the companies he did submit to. Kyle spent the rest of the day researching Amtek International so that he would be better prepared to discuss his potential role with the company and to better understand the company mission. He was surprised to learn Amtek International was a giant business conglomeration consisting of several international research companies. He was not able to determine from surfing the internet what the company business was or what products they were working on. He would just have to wait for his face to face meeting in the morning for a better understanding of his future role with the company.

     During Kyle’s interview the next day with Julie from Amteck International, he was bombarded with questions on his political, morals, religion and personal background. The job interview had not gone the direction he had anticipated. He had been prepared for engineering, mathematical and theoretical questions, maybe a technology quiz to see how well he solved mechanical puzzles. It appeared the firm was more interested in his personality, work ethics and sense of responsibility than his engineering skills.

     Amteck International was an old established international manufacturing business with a history that spanned more than a Century. The Company had business connections in electronics, power generation, passive electricity and even in the Space and Aeronautical industry. Julie was very attractive and a well proportioned brunette beauty with a savvy technical background. Julie had long slim legs exposed from the shortness of her light blue dress. Kyle liked Julie as soon as he met her. She had a very easy going personality, but she was very thorough with the details of her interview. Julie took Kyle on a tour of the manufacturing and business offices of Amteck and they eventually ended up at the Human Resources offices where Kyle would continue his orientation. Julie left him in the capable hands of the HR dept while she attended an urgent developments demanding her time.

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     “Thez, this is Julie, what is the threat level of the latest interstellar contact alert?”

     Julie had called the Early Intercept Center (EIC) to help her determine the appropriate action plan to the reported bogy contact less than half a light year away. Most super alien races had acquired faster than light speed travel abilities centuries earlier. A spacecraft moving at light speed plus 10 could be in the Earth’s Solar system within days so it was critical that she made the correct situation analysis (SA) of the potential threat. Earthlings had no idea that the Galaxy had numerous space faring races that often ventured in the Earth’s Solar System and often crossed the Earth orbit. Many of these alien spacecraft that were picked up on long distance scans were labeled as comets, or asteroids by earth based scientists incapable of believing there was other intelligent beings in the Galaxy capable of intergalactic space travel. The Galaxy was becoming a very busy place.

     Thez had been assigned to monitor and protect the Earth from these accidental chance encounters and inhabitants by Alien races. Thez had been a patrol member of the Amteck organization for several decades. The Amtech organization reported directly to the Galactic Protector Alliance (GPA). The Council is the main governing body of the GPA and established the rules of conduct & contact by alien races with inhabited worlds of the Milky Way Galaxy. The GPA Council is currently made up of one hundred and nine representatives selected from the collection of peaceful worlds residing in the Milky Way galaxy.

     “Julie, the alien bogy contact appears to be a spacecraft from the benevolent race known as the Getar. The Getar is a peaceful race of aliens that originated in the Quem quadrant located closer to the outer rim of the Milky Way. It is rare to detect a Getar space vehicle this far out in the Galaxy. The Getar are a primitive space race that uses passive space travel techniques. Their space ships are very simple and they don’t have electronics equipment and advanced spacesuits with controlled breathing apparatus. Their space technology could be compared to the Earth’s Columbus explorer. They used dead reckoning navagation to explore the Galaxy. The Getar breath a methane nitrogen gas mixture and they don’t have oxygen breathing equipment to enable them to visit the Earth. They seek out other methane nitrogen based planets in the Solar System to visit. This allows them to travel the Galaxy with simpler technologies. The Getars do not have light speed or worm hole technologies.”

     “So it safe to assume Earth’s threat level is One or less from this contact?” Julie asks.

     “Yes, the Getar have no prior history of interfering with the GPA’s policies regarding no contact with pre light speed civilizations even though they are not an official member of GPA. We will be monitoring the Getar’s activities as they pass through the Earth’s solar System just as a precaution.”

     “How’s the new recruit for the Earth’s Protector looking?” Thez inquired.

     “We did an extensive background check on Kyle including numerous psychological and neurological exams. We have interviewed most of his Colleagues, friends and family. Kyle has an incredible amplitude for Science, Engineering, Physics and Mathematics. He is a 4.0 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Engineering and seems to have the appropriate personal attributes for the job.” Julie responds.

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     It would only be a matter of time before Earth’s scientists discovered Light Speed space travel and would be venturing into the depths of intergalactic space. The GPA felt it would be more appropriate to select a talented earthling to serve with the Earth’s Galactic Protector and lead the Earth into this new era of discovery. Provided Kyle checked out after his HR interviewing process, he would be briefed on the GPA and its peaceful mission. Kyle would then help lead the Earth and its people into a new period of deep space travel and the possible complications that came with that knowledge.

     The GPA had expressed concerns about Earth and how it’s people would accept the revelation of other intelligent civilizations in Space. The Earth was still a baby in terms of technology and advancement. Earth was still troubled with wars between Nations, terrorism, crime, hunger and even civil unrest within the countries. There was religious, social, economic and racial prejudice among it’s peoples. In order for Earth to be a member of the GPA, all the countries would have to unite together, ban all wars, accept a new way of life free of personal greed or capitalism. This would be a daunting difficult task and would be the responsibility of the Earth’s Protector to enforce. Earth’s resources would need to be re-distributed and the balance of powers would have to be neutralized before acceptance in the GPA. GPA regulations required that all it’s members provide an equal opportunity in education, food, medical, housing, jobs and general security for all it’s people. Membership in the GPA meant there could be no rich wealthy individuals or corporations while others lived in poverty, sickness and disease. Every individual had a right to the same health, wealth and desires as everyone else. People wouldn’t work to promote their personal wealth and power but rather to contribute to the overall success of the Earth and all it’s people. There was much work to be done.

     Kyle had spent the rest of the day getting an extensive medical physical exam. It was late in the evening when Julie rejoined him in the HR department to check on his progress.

     “Kyle, there is someone I would like for you to meet. Please follow me to the Scan Operations Control Center (SOCC). There is much we need to discuss and I feel the best way to proceed is to introduce you the Amteck Operations Manager, Thez.” Julie motioned for Kyle to follow her.

     “Thez, that’s an unusual name. I don’t believe I have ever heard that name before.” Kyle states.

     “Yes, Thez has been with us for many years and has the responsibility of scanning and detecting extraterrestrial objects approaching Earth from interstellar space.”

     “Do you mean like comets and asteroids?” Kyle asked.

     “Yes and any other objects on a flight course with Earth.”

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     “Like what kind of other objects?” Kyle asked.

     “ Kyle, let’s wait to continue this conversation after you meet Thez. This is really his arena and he can best explain his duties.”

     Kyle felt concerned for a moment as he contemplated what Julie had said about other objects. Could it be that Amteck was a NASA or SETI organization charged with investigating UFO and other unexplained sightings reported almost daily by average citizens? Why would a huge wealthy corporation like Amteck be interested in extraterrestrial objects. Maybe they were considering mining asteroids for their minerals. Kyle was wondering if working for a company investigating UFOs would be good for his career as most scientists associated with UFOs were frowned on by mainstream scientists as delusional and unreliable. Kyle realized he was not in a typical operations command center as Julie performed an eye scan for security clearance to enter the highly secure operations complex. There were also several other security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to the building. Upon entering the command center he was puzzled by the extent of the advanced electronic and surveillance equipment surrounding him. The facility looked more like a military compound than a civilian operation. Much of the highly specialized equipment looked strange and unfamiliar to him. The markings on the equipment and walls were not recognizable to him. It was almost as if he had walked into an alien spacecraft?

     “Kyle, this is Thez Morakka our chief operations commander.” Julie pointed to a very tall man dressed in a greenish uniform. The man was standing with his back to Kyle. As the man turned around to face them Kyle’s heart started pounding so loud he was sure everyone could hear it. Thez was an alien being!

     “Kyle” Thez said with his clawed hand extended to greet him. “I have been looking forward to meeting you. Julie has told me much about you. Welcome aboard!”

     Kyle wasn’t sure what to say or do for the longest time. He stared at the alien hand and face but at the same time was digesting the welcome aboard comment. Kyle thought he was still in the interviewing process and had not been officially given the job, or had he?

     “Thez, I am not sure what to say or should I ask if you are what I think you are?” Kyle finally managed to say.

     Thez laughed and smiled at him. Julie observed Kyle’s reactions to meeting a true alien for the first time. How was he going to handle this new information? Kyle stretched out a confused hand and shook the alien’s paw with no sign of hesitation.

     “Thez, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. I have so many questions to ask you.” Kyle replied.

     “All in good time” Thez replied back. “We have a lot to discuss and limited time”.

     “I don’t understand?” Kyle implied. Thez’s comment suggested there was a situation that needed his immediate attention.

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     “Kyle, I am from the planet Zoron in the system Zewmar located near the center of the Milky Way galaxy. I was appointed Protector for Earth by the Galactic Protector Alliance to keep an eye on Earth’s development and scan the Earth’s Solar System for the presence of the Mora Tong. A cruel alien race of insect like raiders that travel the Galaxy at Hyper Light Speed looking for civilizations they can destroy and then consume their resources. They enslave the people they conquer to do their mining and mineral processing. The Mora Tong is a super race with advanced technologies that they have acquired from all the races they conquer. They have no morals, no pity and consider the peoples of the worlds they conquer as a local infestation that needs to wiped out or used as slave labor to do their evil deeds. We have intelligence that the More Tong are headed to Earth. The GPA has established the Protectors position to help Earth with the Mora Tong. Early attempts by Earth to explore the Solar System by sending out space probes and satellites revealed to the Mora Tong where the Earth is located and the potential for vast resources. It is critical that we prepare the Earth for the arrival of the Mora Tong. We cannot be sure exactly when they will arrive but without the GPA’s protection the Earth will have little chance for survival. The Mora Tong have the technology to capture the Earth in just a matter of a few minutes if they are allowed to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Kyle, you have been selected by the GPA to assume a Protector role. From this day forward you will be one of the Earth’s Protector. I am responsible to make sure you are prepared to meet this challenge. You will have access to Zoran technologies to help you defend the Earth from the More Tong.”

     Kyle stood in silence hardly able to absorb all the information Thez was relaying to him. Why him? Why now? There were so many questions running through his mind. Thez sensing Kyle’s mixed feeling broke the silence.

     “Julie perhaps we should show Kyle around the operations shop and explain some of our long distance scanning and other technologies to him.”

     "Yes", Julie quickly replies. “I am sure he will find some of your toys very interesting. Kyle, Thes has shared some of his advanced technologies with Earth in order to help protect it. This secret technology is not available to anyone else on Earth.. Only in the presence of Thes are we allowed to deploy this technology. Earth will not be ready for some of this technology for centuries. If fact Earth‘s Government is not aware of the GPA or this facility. This facility is disguised by the simple office front from the street. The facility we are standing in now does not have an access from the office building or anywhere else. The Zoron race that Thez belongs to has advanced stealth technologies that we cannot even imagine. This facility does not exist on Earth even though if we walked back through the door we entered we would step back into your world and our office buildings. So no one except for you is aware that this operation exists. Of course we ask that you join us and understand the gravity of this technologies and it’s importance to Earth’s survival. ”

     Julie stops to make sure Kyle acknowledges her. “The Zoran also have time travel and worm hole technology. That is how they got here before the Mora Tong. If the Mora Tong had that technology the Universe would be theirs. Fortunately the Mora Tong have never defeated the Zoran due to some of these technologies. The Mora Tong must know that the Zoran are already here and they may have some new weapons that they have acquired in their travels across the Galaxy to Earth. The Zorans by sending us Thez are helping us prepare for a new generation in Earth‘s history as we venture into space and also to help defend the Earth until we can defend it ourselves.”

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         The Invasion

     It was a beautiful October Monday morning as Melinda went through her familiar routines in preparation for getting her husband off to work and the boys dropped off at kindergarten school. The boys, Jimmy and Frankie, both would be turning six later this week with only an hour’s difference in their ages. They boys had been somewhat rowdy as Melinda dressed them to join breakfast with their father. Mike worked on the nearby Pensacola Naval Air Station, known as the military home base for Naval Aviation in the United States. Mike was a military aeronautical engineering consultant and had been stationed at the base for the last eleven months. Though his job was not as exciting as he had anticipated, working on the military base helped pay the bills and would look good on his resume. He was not involved in the design of new military aircraft as he had hoped. He had been assigned to study the design of the now famous 1960's Lockheed U-2C spy plane used in the Cold War with Russia. He had not been given specific details on the purpose of his assigned work, but there were apparently several other engineers in other U.S. bases through the world doing similar research on the U2 as well. It was a pleasant job and he liked the associates at the base he was working with. The days seemed to pass quickly as he was engrossed in the engineering details and daily meetings to discuss their findings.

     Mike had to present his military and civilian security badges as he passed through the heavily fenced gate into the military base. “Beautiful morning”, the gate guard commented to Mike as he checked in with security near the entrance gate. Mike and the security guard Jorge had become mutual acquaintances over the past several months. Jorge was on his last three months of active military duty and was consider a short timer. He was a short young man with a thick Spanish accent. He had seen some action in a couple of the Gulf Wars but he was back in the States now awaiting discharge.

     “Jorge, how is that new baby and your lovely wife Annette doing?”

     “Annette is doing fine now that the delivery is over. Emilie is also doing well, how are the twins doing? Jorge replied.

     “The boys are just as mischievous as ever, but they are getting somewhat accustomed to school finally.” Mike said as he smiled at Jorge.

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     Suddenly both men instantly looked to the heavens as a deafening sound erupted from the skies and the clouds parted around a huge, bright gold metallic looking disk emerged into view. The golden object was massive in size perhaps a mile or more across. There was crackling electrical static discharges surrounding the object as it descended from the clouds. The Earth began to rumble and buildings were crumbling, falling all around the base. There was a low pitched hum coming from the shinny object similar to a base woofer speaker except much louder. So loud Mike could feel his bones vibrating and he had to cover his ears with his hands. Jorge started screaming and rubbing all over his body like he was on fire. Then it happened. Jorge’s body started turning dark brown and shriveling into an unrecognizable blob of organic matter. Mike realizing there was nothing he could do for his friend turned and started running back to his vehicle. This proved to be a difficult task as the Earth was moving up and down like an earthquake. The damage directly below the strange object was massive. Hangers were thrown to the ground, block buildings were coming apart one block at a time. Gale force winds developed under the craft and churned everything under the craft into dust. Mike managed to make it to his vehicle but doubted he would be able to maneuver the vehicle through all this turbulence. The wall of destruction looked like a solid wall of fire as it approached him. Mike was running for his life and he was certain he was going to die. Just as the wall of destruction was about to overtake him it veered slightly away from him. He glanced over to the brightly shinning aircraft and it was headed North toward more populated areas. Back to where Annette and the boys were. This was the opportunity he needed to escape. He ran to his vehicle and jumped inside. To his amazement the engine started and he rushed away in a cloud of dust with the wall of fire and destruction visible in his rear view mirror. The earthquake appeared to be following in the wake of the unusual aircraft.

    Kile, Thez and Julie were taken by total surprise from the unexpected alien invasion. The Mora Tong fleet had appeared instantly just outside the Earth's atmosphere materialized from a generated worm hole.  Thez had been preparing for the alien attack for many years, but everything was a mass of confusion with the sudden Earth wide attack. Reports were coming in from around the world of unexplained golden disks delivering massive attacks and obliterating everything in their paths. The Earth had been taken by total surprise by the Mora Tong attack. Most of the U.S. military bases had been strategically included in the initial surprise attacks against Earth and unable to make any kind of response against the Mora Tong. Earth’s defenses were disabled within minutes of the Mora Tong invasion. Although Thez and his command center were conveniently located outside Earth’s space in another parallel reality, they witness the death and destruction taking place on the Earth on their viewers. The Mora Tong must have captured some advanced stealth technologies in their travels that managed them to evade the Earth’s long distance scanners.

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     “Julie, check the long distance scan and see if you can detect any more of the Mora Tong ships advancing. We should be able to use the telemetry we received from the attacking ships to derive a search pattern parameters of the newly designed ships.” Thez requested from Julie.

     “Kyle, send out an emergency distress signal to the GPA requesting reinforcements immediately. Send a Priority One, Level Ten distress signal via the hyper light speed transmitter. We need assistance now or all is lost for Earth.” Kyle’s first day on the job was proving to be one of the most challenging days of his life.

     The attack was even more devastating than Thez had anticipated. Even the advanced detection and defense systems of the Zoran had not been able to deter the vicious alien attack. Earth would be totally reduced to cinders within hours or minutes. The Zoron technologies for detecting the Mora Tong had failed miserably and now the More Tong had penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere leaving the Earth helpless. The Mora Tong were using some form of Warp technology that enabled them to come out of a controlled warp inside the atmosphere of a planet leaving no time for alarms or warnings. Even with the might of the GPA the Mora Tong would be difficult to stop now. There may be no saving the Earth, even with the GPA’s combined Galactic support. The golden ships were extracting all the power and energies from the Earth as additional fuel for their attacks. Many of the Earth’s populated cities now lay in total ruin. A large percentage of the Earth’s population were eradicated already with many other areas in the line of fire. Earth was witnessing the extermination of their planet.

     Thez, Julie and Kyle watched from the seclusion of the Zoron compound as the Earth they were charged with protecting evaporated right before their eyes. Julie and Kyle were still in shock from the quickness of invasion and the amount of destruction. One hundred Mora Tong ships were now reported lashing out Armageddon on the Earth and it’s inhabitants. There was no way any race could defend itself against the unmoral attacks of the Mora Tong. Julie and Kyle could never have imagined a force so powerful and almighty. The Zoron had terribly underestimated the fortitude and ruthlessness of the Mora Tong race. They were determined to dominate the Galaxy.

     Within minutes the Mora Tong had managed to make a cinder of the Earth and everything on it. No one escaped except Julie and Kyle protected in the Zoran inter-dimensional monitoring compound. All they could do was watch in disbelief as everything they knew became a crushed memory. Julie and Kyle joined the Zorons and vowed to get revenge against the Mora Tong one day. They would chase the Mora Tong to the ends of the Universe or wherever it took to bring judgment to the Mora Tong invaders. The Mora Tong were a capable race with new technologies that even the Zoron could not match. The GPA had failed in its most basic purpose, to protect young planets from rogue races like the Mora Tong. Even the Zoron were at risk from the Mora Tong now. The Mora Tong disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. It was impossible to predict where they would re-appear again. It would take centuries before the Earth would be able to support human life again. The atmosphere was saturated with smoke and dust from all the violence that took place during the attack. All the fresh water and Gold was extracted from the Earth by the Mora Tong and stored in their massive fleet of ships. The temperatures on the Earth were already dropping to subzero temperatures and it appeared the next ice age may be imminent. The Earth was no different now from all the other frozen worlds in the local Solar System.

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     Julie and Kyle were relocate to another compatible world in the Galaxy where they would start a new Earth and a new human offspring race. They would become the Adam and Eve of this new world and would have the opportunity to re-engineer this world. Their vision of this new Earth would be a world without war, hunger and greed. Just like in the Garden Of Eden before, they would have to resist the temptation of the serpent of knowledge that leads to destruction. Knowledge produces technology that makes life easier, but also technologies like the Mora Tong used that leads to evil. Appropriately Julie and Kyle would elect not to use knowledge for technology. Although the Zoron offered to replace similar technologies that were destroyed during the attack, Julie and Kyle declined accepting any Zoron technologies. They were content with the simple life full of old tradition and basic discovery. They believed it was just as important to resist certain knowledge as it was to adopt other scientific knowledge that would help them survive in this new Eden world.


   The End & The Beginning


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